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Unit 36, Birch Road East
Witton, Birmingham, B6 7DB
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    Are you shopfitters or builders?

    Both! We pride ourselves on the fact that you can approach us with any construction project and we’ll be able to tackle it ourselves. While we started as pharmaceutical shopfitters, our team have developed into construction specialists, meaning we can build, renovate, restore, repurpose, and more. No more contacting multiple companies for one construction job!

    What are your health and safety practices?

    In the construction industry, health and safety should be regarded with the utmost importance. We are fully compliant with all health and safety regulations and are proud to be ISO9001 and ISO1400 qualified. Plus, we have a specialised health and safety advisor who keeps us up to date with any legal or regulatory changes, and helps us identify areas that we could strengthen.

    How big a contract can you complete?

    The work we can complete isn’t necessarily set by the cost of the contract involved. Whether we can accept a proposal or not is down to the level of work rather than the price. If you’re unsure whether we’ll be able to accept a specific contract, feel free to get in touch! We will be happy to talk through the specifics and understand more about the project before committing.

    Can you supply us with materials?

    If we are undertaking a project, we will ensure that all the necessary materials are sourced and paid for as part of the overall cost of the project. However, we do not supply third parties with construction materials.