Don’t be put off by our name! Extensions are the perfect way for a homeowner to create a little extra space in their home by either expanding an existing room, such as a kitchen or living room, or creating an entirely new one on the front or rear of the property

What is a house extension?

A house extension is very much what it sounds like – the process of adding space to a certain area of the home to create a larger and more flexible living situation. It is an exciting opportunity for a homeowner to start moulding the house they bought to their own vision.

Many people choose to have extensions added to their property, creating either a new living room, sunroom, bathroom, or dining room to open the space and improve natural light.

This could also then provide the upstairs of the property with additional space for a bathroom or ensuite.

However, you could also consider an extension of existing rooms, such as the kitchen, to provide additional space to work in and allow for more appliances.

What is the house extension process?

Every residential project we work on is unique, not only because of building shapes, sizes, and requirements, but also because every individual has their own ideas and dreams that we need realise.

Whether we are tasked with a simple kitchen extension or a full rear house extension, the key stages of the project remain similar, even if the specific job we are asked to do changes.

Before any tools have been selected, our expert residential architects will work closely with you to find out your main aims for your extension, including what you hope to do with it and your vision once it is done.

That will inform our team of a solid starting point, allowing us to plan your extension to perfection. Once you’re happy with the proposal and quotation, we will source all the materials we need to complete the project, including any bespoke items, and organise a programme that suits you.

Once agreed, we’ll get to work on completing your dream extension within the timeframe we’ve provided at a time that suits you. That way, we can help prevent any disruption to your day-to-day life.

Lastly, we’ll fully clean our workspace to ensure that you can use your new extension right away, removing any leftover debris and testing all new fixtures and fittings thoroughly to guarantee perfection.

How do we approach home extensions?

Our approach to any residential work is careful and delicate as we want to be able to fulfil our customers’ needs. People approach us to start making their dream home a reality, and we want to help them achieve that to the best of our ability

You can rely on our expert team of home extension builders to provide the perfect extension for you. Whether you are looking for an extension at the rear, side, or front of your home, or for a specific room, our expertise in residential extensions and conversions means we can help no matter your needs.

We’ll even help you plan out the specifics if you aren’t sure exactly how you’d like it to look, working closely with you to find out what it is you’re hoping for.

Your schedule is our priority, so we will work around you to ensure that your home life is impacted as little as possible. and we strive to complete our projects We will set out our expected timeframe clearly so you always know what to expect..

Once you’ve chosen us as your specialist extension builders, we’ll handle the whole project from the floor to ceiling and everything in between. That means you won’t have to contact a separate plumber or electrician to carry out the finishing touches – we’ll source and install everything ourselves!

We’ll even ensure that we have all of the necessary safety equipment on hand to protect both you and your home from any damage.


We’re here to helP

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Call or email us to start working towards the business overhaul you need.

How can you prepare your room for an extension?

There are a few things you can do in preparation for our arrival to help the process of building your home extension be as smooth as possible.

Firstly, providing us with a workspace that is clear and tidy, can help us start the project in a much swifter manner as we will not need to clear the area ourselves. It would also be a huge help if you are able to clear a small space near the construction site as we will need an area to store out materials while we are building for easy access.

Secondly, let us know what your schedule is and how we can best carry out the work without disrupting your daily life. We hope to stay as unobtrusive as possible, working on your extension when you don’t need the connecting room!

Lastly, let us know if you have any specific plans for electronics in the room as we can ensure that there are plenty of plugs or TV lines in the correct area should you need them.

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We have used Evolve for many years on both large and small projects. Nigel and his team are always helpful and keen to please.
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Always a pleasure dealing with Evolve, great communication and quick response from Nigel and the team
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Evolve are our ‘sole supplier’ when it comes to any kind of refurbishment or alteration work in our commercial outlets. Their work ethic and quality is second to none and their willingness, if required, to alter the design after work has commenced is both refreshing and reassuring. The staff at Evolve are polite, communicative and clearly at the top of their game
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Worked with Nigel and Evolve Shopfitting for over 10 years and their work has been good standard, with any snagging sorted out promptly, being a Hospital, H&S and infection control standards all controlled well. When required out of hours work being completed.
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In response to the shopfitting carried out by you and your team at our Commercial Street branch (Norton) I would like to say how pleased we were with so many aspects of the job. The job was started on time and the right staff and materials in place when required. The staff were all well motivated and a pleasure to have on the premises for the two and a half weeks.
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I have always found Nigel to be sincere and honest in his dealing with me and other colleagues of mine for whom he has carried out work. He has carried our shop fitting installations at many of our pharmacies, refurbished our head office, and also worked a number of times at my home.
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I have been very impressed. The quality has been good and really appreciated your flexibility and response to the University. Things are often a last minute rush, drawn out and subject to change. Therefore your responsiveness has been appreciated.
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We were very pleased with the outcome and we know it was down to the leadership of Vince, in that everything was done on time and to the required standard. We have alot of time and confidence in Vince as we feel he is a ‘can do’ man.
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